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After sixteen years and more than 150,000 books, the Children’s Bookstore Educational Foundation will be changing its mission. Moving forward, we will be supplying books through the Baltimore Community Foundation to Judy Centers, which connect young children and their families to a variety of educational, health, and social services. According to author Wes Moore, "People want to know what works. There is quantifiable evidence, for example, that children who attend Judy Centers are better prepared for long-term academic success."

We are grateful to our donors who have generously provided funds to The Children's Bookstore Educational Foundation over the years. We are also thankful for all the inspirational teachers who cared enough about literature to apply for books for their students, helping us carry out our mission to enable Baltimore City school students to develop a love of reading and build libraries of their own. We hope this will continue with our work with the Judy Centers through the Baltimore Community Foundation.