It all began in 1979.

The dragon hung in the original Children’s Bookstore on Patapsco Street near the Cross Street Market in a row house renovated by Struever Brothers & Eccles. In 1980 the dragon moved to Harbor Place, where he watched over the store there. He still protects the store today on Deepdene Road in Roland Park, where we moved in 1986. 

The Children’s Bookstore continues to offer high quality chapter books and richly illustrated picture books, with a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, transitional readers, and YA lit. We sell cards, plush animals, and puppets, and we’re always eager to help customers find just the right books. 

In 2017, The Huffington Post ranked The Children’s Bookstore #14 among it’s 50 of the Best Indie Bookstores in America. 

The Children's Bookstore & Baltimore Schools

We especially love partnering with schools, teachers, and librarians, and have decades of experience facilitating book and author related events. Are you a teacher, principal, parent, or librarian interested in holding an in-store book fair? Email the store to discuss it, or call us at (410)532-2000. 

Authors and Illustrators at The Children’s Bookstore

We’ve had visits from many wonderful children’s book authors and illustrators over the years. Here are just a few you might recognize … Click on the name to learn more.

Home Grown Books

We hugely appreciate and celebrate the abundance of local children’s book authors and illustrators with a Baltimore connection — Aaron Becker, Elizabeth Dahl, Jonathon Scott Fuqua, Twig George, Adam Gidwitz, Jerdine Nolen, Patrick O’Brien, Kevin O’Malley, Trevor Price, James Proimos, Laura Amy Schlitz, Kevin Sherry, Ron L. Smith, Laurel Snyder, Elizabeth Spires, Natalie Standiford, Carole Boston Weatherford — to name a few. Here are some titles that may be familiar to you:

The Children’s Bookstore Foundation

After sixteen years and more than 150,000 books donated to Baltimore City Public School students, the Children’s Bookstore Educational Foundation will be changing its mission. Moving forward, we will be funding Judy Centers, which connect young children and their families to a variety of educational, health, and social services. According to author Wes Moore, “People want to know what works. There is quantifiable evidence, for example, that children who attend Judy Centers are better prepared for long-term academic success.”

We are grateful to our donors who have generously provided funds to The Children’s Bookstore Educational Foundation over the years. We are also thankful for all the inspirational teachers who cared enough about literature to apply for books for their students, helping us carry out our mission to enable Baltimore City school students to develop a love of reading and build libraries of their own. We hope this will continue with our work with the Judy Centers through the Baltimore Community Foundation.